Friday, April 16, 2010

it's officially unofficial...

What a great past year! It has most definitely been the year of MAT(t).

I'm finishing up my student teaching at Fort Vancouver High School. Monday will be my last day of teaching, although tomorrow will be busy with my Theatre II classes reader’s theatre performance of Our Town, and I'll still be spending next week at the school observing other teachers, working on my final Action Research paper and saying my farewells.

As a Drama/ Language Arts teacher, I love that my final day will be on Shakespeare's birth/death day.

On the first of May, I will graduate from George Fox University with my Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) and will henceforth accept being addressed as Mastress Joann ("Master" is too masculine and "Mistress" is too sketchy).

And on August 7th, you can call me by another name…

It’s kind of old news by now, but Matt & I are officially unofficially engaged. ☺

For all questions in the vein of, “what does UNofficially engaged mean?”, I will refer you to my unofficial fiancé’s current blog post:

Needless to say, we are both giddy & distracted. Finishing up my MAT work has become so much more unappealing in the last two weeks as I’d much rather (and often do) spend time planning with and dreaming about the other Matt in my life.