Monday, February 15, 2010


I'm not going to lie to you, I've always loved Valentine's Day, even though this is the first year I'v been in a romantic relationship, and he's in China, currently vacationing where internet access is sparse.

Granted, there have been many years where I've been tempted to don an all black outfit as a sign that I'm single and in mourning. But even on those years I still secretly harbored a happy place in my heart for the day that is dedicated to love.

My mother's birthday falls on Valentine's Day, so I had two options growing up: embrace the holiday of my mother's birth, or shun the cheese and, in so doing, avoid my mother's home. I'm serious. No one has truly experienced the Valentine season until they've set foot in my parent's home anytime in late January through late February. Everywhere you turn it's pink & red & hearts & wall hangings & turtle doves nesting in the Valentine's Day tree. It's a veritable Disneyland of Love. So I chose to embrace/ make a game out of jumping to slap the paper hearts hanging from the ceiling every time I walked past.

If this wasn't enough to secure my devotion to what some term a holiday created by greeting card companies, I decided it would be kind of romantic if I got my driver's license on Valentine's Day. So I did. I'm happy to say that we just celebrated our 10th anniversary.

For me, Valentine's Day represents something old school and chivalrous. It's a day when people hit the pause button on their own desires and think of ways to let the people they love know that they are loved. It's too easy for me to be busy and race from activity to activity and from one degree to the next without taking time to appreciate the billions of people living life all around me. So while it definitely feels like Single's Awareness Day, or Your Boyfriend's in China Day, it's a day when I am reminded to slow down, be grateful for the people in my life and enjoy the cinematic real-life romance happening off camera all around me. On Saturday my heart grinned as I drove past Freddie's where I saw an elderly man standing in the rain working to get a bouquet of flowers and several heart-shaped balloons into his car.

I went out after church yesterday to see a movie with my Galentine, Tracy, and there was a line that resonated with me. I think it's better left to stand alone, without my ramblings, so I'll end here: "Love is the only shocking act left."