Monday, June 01, 2009

kite flying weather

So this is my attempt to throw a bone for some complainers and Facebook haters out there (*ahem, Danny). Posting pics will cost me money though, so only literary things will be posted here. Without further ado:

Kite Flying Weather

by Joann Renee

I forgot myself

for a moment:

wrote in cursive

peeled daisies

blew zerberts at children

glanced up at a shop

window to see

a familiar face wearing

a dazed expression and my

sunglasses. Stop.


This is what

people see:

amber hair

thin eyebrows

widow’s peak

laughing lips.

It’s just packaging.

How intriguing that this

case should house

me. Minutes pass:

self-awareness fades as

shards of revelation pierce

sun-freckled skin and I

self-collapse into unbroken oblivion

reviving, with a smile and

blissful silent swears,

only when light flickers:

zebra shadows crossing

the bridge separating

your state from mine.