Thursday, January 08, 2009

something’s been stealing eight pound squash from the garden

For the sake of the public, I am post this. About a week ago I posted two poems almost simultaneously on facebook. The one I loved received zero comments and the one I found silly got rave reviews. Many of my faithful blog followers/family have already read and commented, but here it is for the rest of you to enjoy. It just goes to show that an artist often has a quite different view of their work than does the rest of the world. Clearly the rest of the world is wrong. :)

Something’s Been Stealing Eight Pound Squash From the Garden
by Joann Renee

New Year’s Eve
Where did you go?
The dog’s barking

Porch light flashes
Flooding clarity
Across the snow-laden field

There abandoned
Like twin beacons
Side by side
Whispering consolation
Two eight pound squash

Icy ground rejects
And the culprit escapes

It can’t last, though
Bear or Coyote

Next time I’ll be ready
Over-Sized Beaver or Mischievous Neighbor

You’ll slip up—leave a clue
Sasquatch or Martian

Your days of Curcurbita Maxima
Collecting are numbered

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