Saturday, January 10, 2009

sitting circle

This needs little explanation. So I'll just get on with it then...
I've slightly adjusted this poem, the title & beginning of the last stanza, to change the emphasis from cuddling with a cute toddler to connecting with others - which was my intention initially, but it didn't come out that way with the first draft.

Sitting Circle
by Joann Renee

unaware of pressing
engagements and snowballing
he climbs
settling in without words
waiting for, well,
who knows?

resisting the urge to dump
the new contents of my lap
I use the impulse to clear
my mind, pushing out from the center
creating a perimeter
of busy nothings unseated
while he remains

hounds kept at bay howl
dulled by the unintentional force field
working his magic
from the throne of my lap
stay with me, Donny
protect me from the rush
from too much

is this how God keeps
perspective? people
climbing constantly
into His cosmic lap,
no lapse between occupants—
it’s not practical but perhaps
that’s precisely the point

like a global trust building exercise
you climb and I’ll climb—
a circle of lap-sitters
losing details
gaining moments
reminding each other
of each other


Cassie said...

i love it!
really really really love it!!!!!

can't wait to see you in a few weeks!!! so fun!

Marie said...

wow, Joann! I love that you have this opportunity, and that you have the talent to put into words what so many people miss in their lives. How sad that too many people would have 'dumped' him and gone on with their busy-ness. You chose the path of most blessing -- for you as well as for Donny.

Stephenie said...


Love it.
Love you.


Molly Polly said...

Joann, how I MISS you!!!!! Really, really, miss you :( When are you coming to visit us?????