Wednesday, January 28, 2009

boxer short design inspiration

I wrote half of this poem and then changed gears and title to complete it. I like it, but will probably tweak it a bit more before I consider it complete.

Boxer Short Design Inspiration
by Joann Renee

they grow, morph
and fade shifting
like silhouettes playing
across the summer ceiling
over my bed at dusk
i am solid, impermeable
and still provoked
like a tomb to escape motion,
petrified over time as activity lost
purpose, reason
and appeal wondering,
as old women discuss circumcision and college
students disregard rules disturbing
the peace with cameras,
whether it’s wisdom
or foolishness to remain
stationary in a fleeting world

ps - I blurred Mr. David, not because I am offended by classic art, but for those who regularly check my blog and weren't braced for Biblical nudity before scrolling down.

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Lorelei said...

Oh Biblical nudity strikes again! As a follow up to my mom's remark about Donald's eyebrows I thought I'd share with you about when I played scrabble with my dad at Flying M. I laid down the word 'ass' because it was all that i had (seriously) and then I checked out to see if I'd get any shocked reaction. To my dismay/delight he just looked at it, shrugged, and said, 'It is an Old Testament word. Good job, Hun.' Funny. It's funny. It's a big hat. Funny.