Wednesday, January 28, 2009

earl grey

I recently watched a movie that inspired this - well, I'd already begun it and then lost inspiration, but the movie sent me back and made me finish it. Pushy movie!

Earl Grey
by Joann Renee

fog makes me feel more
at ease with my own lack
of clarity
the city commiserates
blanketed in a deep hush
a reprieve from nagging
doubts and fruitless searches
for answers comforted
by the knowledge that nothing
can be solved tonight
I’ll bask in whatever
comfort you afford
I don’t want to see
what light will rob me of
if it’s true
ignorance is bliss
then this grey
fog is rapturous

boxer short design inspiration

I wrote half of this poem and then changed gears and title to complete it. I like it, but will probably tweak it a bit more before I consider it complete.

Boxer Short Design Inspiration
by Joann Renee

they grow, morph
and fade shifting
like silhouettes playing
across the summer ceiling
over my bed at dusk
i am solid, impermeable
and still provoked
like a tomb to escape motion,
petrified over time as activity lost
purpose, reason
and appeal wondering,
as old women discuss circumcision and college
students disregard rules disturbing
the peace with cameras,
whether it’s wisdom
or foolishness to remain
stationary in a fleeting world

ps - I blurred Mr. David, not because I am offended by classic art, but for those who regularly check my blog and weren't braced for Biblical nudity before scrolling down.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

i'm still here!

I have many photos and stories to share...mainly of the Narnian persuasion...but it will have to wait for a skotch longer. If you really want to know what I've been so occupied with...go to CYT's website and get tickets to come see Narnia (yes! it's open! and running 'til February 1st!). And so I leave you with this picture from last night's Opening Night Party...pictured with me are Liza Hooper (Dog) and Tessa Pauls (Satyr), both fabulous.

opening night party 008

Saturday, January 10, 2009

sitting circle

This needs little explanation. So I'll just get on with it then...
I've slightly adjusted this poem, the title & beginning of the last stanza, to change the emphasis from cuddling with a cute toddler to connecting with others - which was my intention initially, but it didn't come out that way with the first draft.

Sitting Circle
by Joann Renee

unaware of pressing
engagements and snowballing
he climbs
settling in without words
waiting for, well,
who knows?

resisting the urge to dump
the new contents of my lap
I use the impulse to clear
my mind, pushing out from the center
creating a perimeter
of busy nothings unseated
while he remains

hounds kept at bay howl
dulled by the unintentional force field
working his magic
from the throne of my lap
stay with me, Donny
protect me from the rush
from too much

is this how God keeps
perspective? people
climbing constantly
into His cosmic lap,
no lapse between occupants—
it’s not practical but perhaps
that’s precisely the point

like a global trust building exercise
you climb and I’ll climb—
a circle of lap-sitters
losing details
gaining moments
reminding each other
of each other

Thursday, January 08, 2009


It's coming up! Mark your calendars...visit the website for details and tickets. Tomorrow night is our first act one run through and next Saturday we'll be tacking on the second act just in time to move into the theatre the day after. The fabulous Jon Jacquet fixed up a drab photo of the Pevensie's that I took and turned it into the beautiful poster that is being spread across the greater Portland metro area. Jon also designed the script that's on the official posters (not pictured below, but visible on the website mentioned above).


something’s been stealing eight pound squash from the garden

For the sake of the public, I am post this. About a week ago I posted two poems almost simultaneously on facebook. The one I loved received zero comments and the one I found silly got rave reviews. Many of my faithful blog followers/family have already read and commented, but here it is for the rest of you to enjoy. It just goes to show that an artist often has a quite different view of their work than does the rest of the world. Clearly the rest of the world is wrong. :)

Something’s Been Stealing Eight Pound Squash From the Garden
by Joann Renee

New Year’s Eve
Where did you go?
The dog’s barking

Porch light flashes
Flooding clarity
Across the snow-laden field

There abandoned
Like twin beacons
Side by side
Whispering consolation
Two eight pound squash

Icy ground rejects
And the culprit escapes

It can’t last, though
Bear or Coyote

Next time I’ll be ready
Over-Sized Beaver or Mischievous Neighbor

You’ll slip up—leave a clue
Sasquatch or Martian

Your days of Curcurbita Maxima
Collecting are numbered

Friday, January 02, 2009

nested, like russian dolls

Nested, Like Russian Dolls
by Joann Renee

behavior echoes
deeper healing
deeper haunting
imploding ripples

the choice to ask him
to confess
to believe
spiraling backward

where desperation huddles
for value
for comfort
pursuing belonging

tainted motivations
make seeing muddled
dirty nails digging
for buried roots nested
like Russian Dolls
deep below the surface