Thursday, December 25, 2008

joann's remedy for cabin fever

On day three of my confinement to the Shire residence, a CYT friend came over to get out of her house for awhile and we staged an impromptu photo shoot to the amusement of neighborhood children and their pets. Here's a sampling of our fun (by the way, when I wasn't behind the camera, Michelle was- and she did fabulously).
stir crazy day 2 001stir crazy day 2 036

stir crazy day 2 065stir crazy day 2 073

stir crazy day 2 120stir crazy day 2 122b&w

stir crazy day 2 111


farmgirl beth said...

i ADORE your red dress and swooping birds. Can I be you?

joann renee said...

Sure! Remind me to bring said dress and necklace for "Christmas" on Wednesday and you can be me! But you'll have to straighten your gorgeous wavy hair or no one will believe it.

Randy and Danielle said...

Ok... so that is the COOLEST necklace you are wearing in these pics! LOVE IT!