Monday, December 22, 2008

the reason movie night died

I'm so frustrated that I don't know how to indent on blogger. Argh! Anyone know html enough to help me out? Just know that "the," "pop-" and "corn" are all suppose to be indented, like stairsteps, so please see it that way in your heads while reading. Thank you kindly.

The Reason Movie Night Died
by Joann Renee

Oh, the subtext in this room!
Words are cumbersome
Muted by the atmosphere
Tangled in an intricate labyrinth of past,
Present and future romances
They lumber forth
In exaggerated slow motion


Caught in the tension
I prefer being the silent
Observer. Normally I would
Enjoy the angsty mess
But someone’s attached
Their web to my independent strand
And I’m horrified to find
My thread pulsing
Through this knotted weave.

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