Monday, December 22, 2008

post-show ennui

I wrote this over a month ago, after my students performed so beautifully for Showcase (the quickest version of the third act of The Importance of Being Earnest ever!). As soon as they were done, I had this rush of emotions that I hadn't felt in years...since my last thoroughly satisfying moment on stage (or behind the scenes of something on stage). There's nothing quite like the hole in your gut after something you worked so hard on exceeds expectations and is over and done with.

Post-Show Ennui
by Joann Renee

it’s that old familiar feeling
utter satisfaction
perfect bliss
and thorough loss
so perfectly balanced
separation is imperceptible
gloriously painful
and excruciatingly brief
the bubble sits between
sternum and spine
swelling to burst
that must be why it hurts
to breathe—
trying not to crush this moment

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