Tuesday, December 09, 2008

for contrary's sake

This is still rough. I've been wanting to write this for over three months. I got the idea and the title all thought out, and then waited for a moment of perfect peace to pen it satisfactorily. That magical time never appeared, so I did what I could, but I'm not satisfied. Perhaps a revision will occur later on, but I couldn't neglect the idea any longer.

For Contrary’s Sake
by Joann Renee

we long
to fit,
to belong

we want
to be unique,
to stand out

we are unpredictable,
bowing to each
competing impulse
without warning—
completely dependant on which need
or insecurity
is currently most demanding

being a middle child,
the belonging
has always been strong

perhaps that’s why
the drive to forge down
less-traveled roads
is so dominant

causing a reflexive dislike
of strawberries and watermelon,
a penchant for whimsically embracing
anything sci fi,
and an unconditional,
irrevocable love of all
things cloudy—

invoking a backwards
seasonal depression,
where the mere dimple
of a sunbeam
is enough reason
to groan and pull
the covers securely over
disappointed eyes.

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