Sunday, December 21, 2008

arctic blast '08

Ah...the memories it brings of Winter Storm 2004 (I want to know who gets to pick the official titles of these stormy seasons). In 2004 I was a Junior at George Fox, stuck at my mini-apartment next to Bauman. Campus was emptied. Roommates gone home. My poor little '85 Beamer was covered in a thick, impenetrable sheet of ice for a whole week. Much walking to cheap Chinese restaurants with the McGrew guys. John whining about falling on the ice. The rest of us sniggering behind our hands. Me sliding down some concrete steps on my bum. *sigh* I wonder what I will remember of Arctic Blast '08 besides it's interuption in my already tight Narnia audition/ call back/ rehearsal schedule?

Here are some scenic photos to document the times:
snow in the couv 171

snow in the couv 298 snow in the couv 099

snow in the couv 130


timmy said...

I love the eagles in the snow! What made that?

joann renee said...

Eagles, of course.

Okay, so maybe it was my snow boots...but maybe it was eagles attempting snow angels...I guess we'll never know.