Saturday, November 01, 2008


From the dawn of time, older sisters have gone through at least a short season of playing dress up on their younger siblings...all the better if those younger siblings are boys and the cherry on top is if they can even convince older siblings to join in the bliss of becoming someone else. I was no exception to this rule, as you'll see below:

92 7-6-92 Joann, Danny and Timmy
Those are my two brothers. And yes, Timmy (the youngest) is wearing half of a big rubber ball as a hat. Danny must've thought that one costume was good enough as he wasn't included in the following:

92 7-6-92 Joann and Timmy
That outfit of Timmy's was truly my masterpiece. Hard to believe he's going to be having a baby with his wife any day now. (I'd also like to mention that these clothes were our oldest sister, Kim's, that she kept in a special box for dress-up occasions--she had to have a lot of costumes as she had four younger siblings, I only have one younger).

The other night these older sister tendencies were once again put into use as Donny came to hang out in my room as I was putting away laundry. His dad wasn't too pleased (although he did laugh considerably at these pictures). And his mom was very pleased that he still definitely looks like a boy, though he's wearing his Auntie Jo's clothing.
dressup donny 011

dressup donny 006


Heather said...

Thank you Thank you thank you for posting the picture of Tim in a dress! I had to keep my laughter down when I saw it because we were at the laundromat. I love it!

Marie said...

And may the tradition continue.... What fun memories!!

timmy said...

Wow. I'm SO happy that you posted those pictures! Let's show the ENTIRE WORLD what I look like in a DRESS!!!

Carissa said...

those pictures are great Joann!!! the first one reminds me of E.T.
how cute ya'll look!