Sunday, November 23, 2008

beniah mark whittaker

Last Saturday, November 15th, nephew number four was born to my little bro, Tim(my) and my sis-in-law, Heather. He nearly 9 and a half pounds and cute as can be. Beth and I, along with Jack and Katie, went down to Corvallis to say hello on Monday. Now you can see for yourselves just how beautiful he is...

twists08 & beniah 098

twists08 & beniah 096twists08 & beniah 113

twists08 & beniah 085

twists08 & beniah 084

the twist family- christmas 2008

Here's a smattering of pictures from the Twist family photo shoot last week...
twists08 & beniah 018

twists08 & beniah 020

twists08 & beniah 030

twists08 & beniah 044

twists08 & beniah 056color

david cook

Last year was the first time I watched American Idol, and I was rewarded with many lovely musicians, namely Michael Johns, Carly Smithson & David Cook. David Cook won (for those of you who are completely out-of-the-loop). His new album came out this Tuesday (which is fabulous, by the way), and I thought I'd celebrate by sharing this collage from when me and the Michelles went to see the American Idol Tour in Portland this summer (yes, I am that cool).

You'll see in the first, his befuddled/amused expression as I asked him to sign my headband. Then his determined expression as he let me know that this was a first (no had asked him to sign a headband before). The last is a close-up of said signature. Enjoy (I did).


So this is a bit silly or depressing (or both, why not?), but we had a short free-write exercise in class Wednesday night that I thought I'd share.

by joann renee

a happy melancholy
like Sense and Sensibility
on a rainy afternoon
when everything you think
comes out poetry

baby baby baby baby
baby baby

the welcome mat

It's not every day you get to come home to McDreamy (aka Patrick Dempsey) waiting for you on the doorstep. But, lucky me, last Thursday, my dream came true...

7B47B-1 002

blog barrage...

...coming your way.
(just thought i'd warn you)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

algy ate all the muffins

On Thursday night, my advanced acting class, Scene Study, got to finish off the night at Showcase with their 9 minute version of the third act of The Importance of Being Earnest. I'm so proud of the seven of them! Such an awesome job. I miss 'em already.

SSshowcase collage2

SSshowcase collage1

acting up showcase

On Tuesday night, after ten weeks of improv and learning the 3 P's of voice and much shenanigans and rehearsals, my Acting Up class presented their 8 minute Showcase piece. There were 16 students total, and they were each in a two-person scene. For those of you who didn't already do the math, that means there were a total of eight scenes and a small finale. It was so much fun and they all grew so much over the course of ten-weeks. I'm very proud of them.
AUshowcase collage2

AUshowcase collage1

AUshowcase 125

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A couple of Saturdays back Kim, Andy, Donny & I headed out to Beaverton for a long awaited reunion with some way old family friends. Their backyard was fabulously Autumny. The epitome of the perfect Fall backyard, with the weather playing it's part by blowing colored leaves on our heads from the trees above. Donny enjoyed these new toys.

rocktober08 015

whimsically swinging

My lovely sister, Beth, found this jewelry artist on etsy awhile back, and I fell head-over-heels in love with this swingin' necklace. When I wear it I get comments of, "That's an...interesting necklace." With a smattering of, "I love your necklace." But I don't care, I love her. She makes me feel swingy too.

rocktober08 027

Monday, November 10, 2008

washington resident

It's like coming home. Sort of. I was born late in September of 1982 all the way up in northern Washington (Acme, WA)...just a half an hour or so shy of the Canadian border. I only lived there until I was two and a half, when we moved to Oregon where I've been ever since. But there's something so right about being back in my birth state. The Evergreen State. I love it.

With some help from my dad, I even have my Washington plates now to match my WA license and WA food handler card. Here's a bit of proof for all of you still in denial about my move (with details sufficiently smudged for all you stalkers out there;) :

Saturday, November 01, 2008


From the dawn of time, older sisters have gone through at least a short season of playing dress up on their younger siblings...all the better if those younger siblings are boys and the cherry on top is if they can even convince older siblings to join in the bliss of becoming someone else. I was no exception to this rule, as you'll see below:

92 7-6-92 Joann, Danny and Timmy
Those are my two brothers. And yes, Timmy (the youngest) is wearing half of a big rubber ball as a hat. Danny must've thought that one costume was good enough as he wasn't included in the following:

92 7-6-92 Joann and Timmy
That outfit of Timmy's was truly my masterpiece. Hard to believe he's going to be having a baby with his wife any day now. (I'd also like to mention that these clothes were our oldest sister, Kim's, that she kept in a special box for dress-up occasions--she had to have a lot of costumes as she had four younger siblings, I only have one younger).

The other night these older sister tendencies were once again put into use as Donny came to hang out in my room as I was putting away laundry. His dad wasn't too pleased (although he did laugh considerably at these pictures). And his mom was very pleased that he still definitely looks like a boy, though he's wearing his Auntie Jo's clothing.
dressup donny 011

dressup donny 006