Saturday, October 11, 2008

kirk and janna weatherby

During the winter of 2006/07, two years ago, I was conned into trying snowboarding for the first time. The only reasons I agreed to go was to hang out with the 180 kids (the high school youth group I volunteered at in Bend for 2 1/2 years), drink hot chocolate in the lodge and because my three-time X-game gold medalist female snowboarder friend, Janna, promised to help me.

Janna & I got there a bit early and she helped me rent the correct equipment. As we were walking towards the beginners hill, Janna suddenly stopped and whispered, "Oh crap!" - or something to that effect, I can't remember exactly. I looked where she was looking, and saw a tall guy heading our direction. Janna introduced him as Kirk. He started catching up with her. It seemed they used to know one another, but he'd been in "the valley" for awhile. They started talking about her recent conversion to Christianity and how she was helping with the high school youth group.

It was probably a two-minute conversation total, but as we walked away, I thought to myself..."hmmm..." Kirk seemed intrigued. Janna was flustered more than I'd ever seen her. In my head, they seemed like a match made in heaven, though I'd just met him. Janna explained that she used to go into a shop he worked in before she was saved and he was always really nice and she was a total, um, jerk to him all the time.

So I logged away a little Janna/Kirk thought in my brain, to see if anything would ever come of it, but never said anything- my theory is that the best matchmaking is the silent kind.

I was proved correct, much to my (and Kirk & Janna's) delight. They starting dating this past late Winter and on September 13th they had one of most fun weddings I've ever been to.
janna & kirk's wedding 025

To start the ceremony out, a couple of friends from Bend were going to sing some songs, but the mic kept going out, so the guitar player kept playing and everyone sang their little hearts out all over the field (it was an outdoor wedding). When Janna appeared to walk down the aisle, I've never heard so much cheering for a bride! It felt like a sporting event. But a beautiful one.
janna & kirk's wedding 026 janna & kirk's wedding 027

Then Kirk and Janna skipped down the aisle after being pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Weatherby. The rest of the bridal party skipped as well (with the exception of the dog, who merely jogged happily).
janna & kirk's wedding 029

The wedding dinner was some amazing hot dogs. And the wedding "cake" was ice cream cones. So creative and fun!
janna & kirk's wedding 046 janna & kirk's wedding 057

Their first meal as a married couple. Aw.
janna & kirk's wedding 058

They also had a cardboard cutout of themselves by the road (which was really handy considering the four weddings I passed on the same road on my way to their wedding). Just one more thing I've never seen at any other wedding I've ever been to.
janna & kirk's wedding 067janna & kirk's wedding 072

Congratulations, Weatherbys!

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