Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i've been wanting to...

  • discuss the "golden rule"
  • mention my thoughts on superfluous elevator buttons
  • bore you with how "The Freedom Writers" impacted me
  • scare you with "Crash"
  • rave some more about Donny, that irresistible little time-sucker
  • share some interesting facts I learned about the brain this week
  • put up pictures from the American Idol concert I went to in July
  • explain etsy and my new girl-on-a-swing necklace
  • gush about the CYT Showcases coming up
  • prep you for Narnia (the musical) show times coming up in January so that you could all come
  • differentiate between being a Washington and Oregon resident
  • show you my new-ish WA driver's license
  • rant about how coffee, cafe and mocha should never, EVER be spelled with a "k"
  • ...but that I found a coffee shop (with my friend, Andy) in Vancouver that has ridiculously amazing coffee and vibe- though it breaks the dreadful "k" rule
  • get some U.S. Postal Service annoyances off my chest
  • tell you why I get inspired to write poetry or solve problems while driving and getting ready for my day
  • laud my stalker slash co-conspirator for the WEGE
  • write a humorous dirge for the things in Bend that I have no time to miss
  • elaborate on my incredible uncomfortable-ness with competition of any kind and my defense mechanism of corny humor when I'm stuck without an escape route in these situations
  • etc.

However, I'm very sleepy now. I'll try to hit some of these later. (Please vote on the top topics you'd like me to blog about later on when I've caught up on sleep and brain functionality)


joshandkarlee said...

I'd be interested in a blog post dedicated to WA residents...welcome to the evergreen state! Love you!

Danny said...

Yippee to WA residents! Maybe you can help to get a new governor elected!

Cassie said...

mostly i love you and miss you lots.

then i want to hear about all of the above... and hope i am not out of the country when Narina is playing so i can come... cause oh i will come!!!

Lis said...

While I agree with you about all misspellings, (i.e. Mocka), and might concede about dialect, (i.e. the NY Kuoawffee), the German "Kaffee" (pronounced kah-FAY) is still O.K. in my book. :-)