Friday, October 31, 2008

autumn on twenty-third

Nico & I spent some of last Saturday enjoying the beautiful Autumn day on 23rd in Portland.
rocktober08 001pano

We also stopped by Coffee Time on 21st...I highly recommend them for their excellent coffee and creativity.
rocktober08 004

Walking back to our cars after a bit of Urban Outfitters, I found something written in the ground...and when we obliged, we found a beautiful leafy tree smiling down at us.
rocktober08 006rocktober08 007

Sunday, October 26, 2008

worst autumn ever predicted

*thanks to Mark Mahaffey for giving me a head's up about this severely moderate weather coming our way*

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i've been wanting to...

  • discuss the "golden rule"
  • mention my thoughts on superfluous elevator buttons
  • bore you with how "The Freedom Writers" impacted me
  • scare you with "Crash"
  • rave some more about Donny, that irresistible little time-sucker
  • share some interesting facts I learned about the brain this week
  • put up pictures from the American Idol concert I went to in July
  • explain etsy and my new girl-on-a-swing necklace
  • gush about the CYT Showcases coming up
  • prep you for Narnia (the musical) show times coming up in January so that you could all come
  • differentiate between being a Washington and Oregon resident
  • show you my new-ish WA driver's license
  • rant about how coffee, cafe and mocha should never, EVER be spelled with a "k"
  • ...but that I found a coffee shop (with my friend, Andy) in Vancouver that has ridiculously amazing coffee and vibe- though it breaks the dreadful "k" rule
  • get some U.S. Postal Service annoyances off my chest
  • tell you why I get inspired to write poetry or solve problems while driving and getting ready for my day
  • laud my stalker slash co-conspirator for the WEGE
  • write a humorous dirge for the things in Bend that I have no time to miss
  • elaborate on my incredible uncomfortable-ness with competition of any kind and my defense mechanism of corny humor when I'm stuck without an escape route in these situations
  • etc.

However, I'm very sleepy now. I'll try to hit some of these later. (Please vote on the top topics you'd like me to blog about later on when I've caught up on sleep and brain functionality)

Monday, October 13, 2008


autumn random 030

...and now a gift from this citizen for you citizens.


I loved this picture so much, I gave it it's own post.
Fly free, Seattle Tower! Fly free!
autumn random 024

my favorite city in america

(granted, I've never been to New York, Boston or Chicago, and I have an inkling I'd really appreciate those too)
autumn random 044

As mentioned in the post below (note: if you haven't looked at it yet, go ahead and scroll won't hurt, I promise...then you can scroll back up...), I spent last weekend in Seattle. On Saturday I got to frolick and pontificate with my friend, Caleb. We went to Fox together. He lives up there now, so we met up downtown and spent the day at Pike Place (not my birthplace, despite the opinions of some crazed Starbucks customers), Pike Pub and ferry-riding to Bainbridge Island. Great fun. Three cheers.
autumn random 043 autumn random 033

queen anne

Last weekend I went to Seattle to hang out with some college and Bend friends (okay, it was one college friend and one Bend friend...though I tried to make it two friends (we missed you, Michelle!)). On Sunday I hung out with Tara at Queen Anne's hill area, near SPU, where I helped her discover some sweet homework/coffee spots. We also found a fun bookstore (where we both bought books that we know we won't get around to reading until our next break from classes). And topped off the trip with bagels at Noah's...where I fell head-over-heels in love with the pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese (I refuse to say "schmear"...dang-it!).
autumn random 099

Before that, though, we stopped for an impromtu photo shoot in front of this really cool church. We each kept secretly hoping that the doors would pop open and parishioners flood out into the cold October sun while the other person was being photographed. Neither of us saw our dream realized. But we had fun, nonetheless. Here are a few of my favorites.
autumn random 070 autumn random 075

Saturday, October 11, 2008

kirk and janna weatherby

During the winter of 2006/07, two years ago, I was conned into trying snowboarding for the first time. The only reasons I agreed to go was to hang out with the 180 kids (the high school youth group I volunteered at in Bend for 2 1/2 years), drink hot chocolate in the lodge and because my three-time X-game gold medalist female snowboarder friend, Janna, promised to help me.

Janna & I got there a bit early and she helped me rent the correct equipment. As we were walking towards the beginners hill, Janna suddenly stopped and whispered, "Oh crap!" - or something to that effect, I can't remember exactly. I looked where she was looking, and saw a tall guy heading our direction. Janna introduced him as Kirk. He started catching up with her. It seemed they used to know one another, but he'd been in "the valley" for awhile. They started talking about her recent conversion to Christianity and how she was helping with the high school youth group.

It was probably a two-minute conversation total, but as we walked away, I thought to myself..."hmmm..." Kirk seemed intrigued. Janna was flustered more than I'd ever seen her. In my head, they seemed like a match made in heaven, though I'd just met him. Janna explained that she used to go into a shop he worked in before she was saved and he was always really nice and she was a total, um, jerk to him all the time.

So I logged away a little Janna/Kirk thought in my brain, to see if anything would ever come of it, but never said anything- my theory is that the best matchmaking is the silent kind.

I was proved correct, much to my (and Kirk & Janna's) delight. They starting dating this past late Winter and on September 13th they had one of most fun weddings I've ever been to.
janna & kirk's wedding 025

To start the ceremony out, a couple of friends from Bend were going to sing some songs, but the mic kept going out, so the guitar player kept playing and everyone sang their little hearts out all over the field (it was an outdoor wedding). When Janna appeared to walk down the aisle, I've never heard so much cheering for a bride! It felt like a sporting event. But a beautiful one.
janna & kirk's wedding 026 janna & kirk's wedding 027

Then Kirk and Janna skipped down the aisle after being pronounced Mr. & Mrs. Weatherby. The rest of the bridal party skipped as well (with the exception of the dog, who merely jogged happily).
janna & kirk's wedding 029

The wedding dinner was some amazing hot dogs. And the wedding "cake" was ice cream cones. So creative and fun!
janna & kirk's wedding 046 janna & kirk's wedding 057

Their first meal as a married couple. Aw.
janna & kirk's wedding 058

They also had a cardboard cutout of themselves by the road (which was really handy considering the four weddings I passed on the same road on my way to their wedding). Just one more thing I've never seen at any other wedding I've ever been to.
janna & kirk's wedding 067janna & kirk's wedding 072

Congratulations, Weatherbys!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

the united kingdom in my purse *

(* alternate title: born in the wrong country?)
scene study 001

If you look closely at the contents of this purse (my purse) you will note what a friend of mine noted: a barely suppressable urge to jump a plane headed for London (or anywhere else in the United Kingdom). I didn't even realize that my purse was screaming my dreams with me until one of my friends was admiring my green polka dotted purse and exclaimed something about how many books I was carrying with me, and how many of them related to England. It's true.

If you look closely, you'll see that my clutch (that's girl-speak for wallet, for you gentlemen reading) is of Trafalgar Square, complete with double-decker buses. Then there's a book by Bill Bryson about his time living in the U.K. (which, coincidentally, I purchased from a young British man working at Powell's Books...I was slightly embarrassed...I felt that an obsessed fan...not unlike the time I asked David Cook to sign my headband...but that's another story for another time). Then we find one of J.K. Rowling's famous Potter books, which I'm re-reading currently (and the J in her name stands for Joanne (she misspells it), by the way, and she's a Britian). Then the Narnia, the musical, script that I've been looking over in preparation for directing it this Winter for CYT in Gresham (C.S. Lewis, a native of England, wrote the Chronicles of Narnia that this musical is based off of). The journal, Rain and the Valley, doesn't really have to do with the U.K., but it is rainy there.

Here I am dreaming of far off lands filled with people of accents, bad teeth, tea time, argile, prep schools and so much more...
scene study 009

As a side note, my last name has British origins. Whittaker means "white house on a hill." And, apparently, Joann is a highly popular name over there as well. So if you look on Facebook for "Joann Whittaker," you'll come up with about 40 of me mucking about in the U.K....and then the me that's over here in America. My lovely teacher and friend, Bo, always did say that I was born in the wrong country...I can't necessarily say that I disagree...

Monday, October 06, 2008

sublimely green

This couch has been in my family for more years than I've been in my family. Donny looked so perfect there in his dinosaur pjs that I had to capture the moment...

autumn random 013

Sunday, October 05, 2008

vancouver sausage festival

acting up 012 It's true. Vancouver has a festival to celebrate sausages, or promote them, or eat them, or get rid of them, every year. This being my first year in Vancouver, it was my first year to celebrate, or promote, or eat, or get rid of sausages. Actually, in my case it was singular, not plural. Sausage. Anyway, it was entertaining and I fully intend to attend again next year.

acting up 016

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

regarding september 30th

Thanks to everyone who texted, called, emailed, facebooked, mailed, Beach-ed, gifted, well-wished, etc. me yesterday. And even to those who remembered and thought of me, though didn't contact me. And EVEN to those who didn't remember until just now and are currently kicking yourself for doing none of the aforementioned, stop fretting: kicking yourself is the best birthday present I could ever ask for.

In the immortal words of me (I promise I'm not as arrogant as I sound - I'm more silly & sarcastic):
"A birthday's not a birthday until it's been poeticized."


Regarding September 30th
by Joann Renee

Instinctively hitting snooze
There’s a tugging
An inner alarm to remember
Squinting through the dark
The elusive is found

Closing my eyes again
I will a magic moment
That feels like 26

To no avail
Drastic metamorphosis didn’t overtake
My sleeping body this year—
Same toes I wiggle
Same slightly uneven ears
Same unsightly vision
Same hopes and fears

Except for the gumption
To believe
Could happen today
26 feels very much the same
As almost-26