Tuesday, September 16, 2008

the perfect evening (alternate title: i'm my own gilmore)

acting up 009

There's something so quaint about watching a movie in the park on an inflatable screen with a bunch of local strangers. I think it feeds, once again, my Stars Hollow craving.

I celebrated the first Friday in September with my first pumpkin spice latte of the season as I wrapped myself in blankets by a big tree to watch Princess Bride. Cult-classics should always be viewed in such settings, I believe. Everyone cheered when the six-fingered man died. They booed at appropriate places. Quoted Miracle Max. Clapped for each actor at the ending titles when it showed their pictures.

The cherry topping my Princess Bride sundae was the company (via text) of Princess Sarah, who resides in Texas. Mmmm...perfection. Well, almost...I had some serious jonesing for some Luke's Diner pie after the movie...

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Splendidly Imperfect said...

I have to say joanne that i am jealous, extremely jealous. sounds like you moved to the perfet town, first sondre lerche, and now all the stars hallow charm that i think every town needs. jealous. lol.