Monday, September 08, 2008

gresham's answer to the eiffel tower

august08 028

It's pretty common knowledge that McMenamins and I go way back. We have a solid comraderie by this point. These photos were taken at Edgefield, which is Gresham's McMenamins. Apparently they make all their hard cider here.

I went out there for a 30th birthday party duet for Laura & Rosalind (who I met on arrival to the party...we have many mutual friends, so we'd heard about each other, but never met). Below I'm pictured with Nick (in my sunglasses) and Mike (in Laura's).
august08 001

Life update: It's completely unbelievable to me that this is my life. I'm really jealous of myself sometimes. Seriously. I can't count how many really quality people I've met and re-met already. For instance, the people in the post are all part of a community called Imagine that I hang with on Sundays and other special occasssions. I've run into a guy I know through a friend in college, a brilliantly hysterical writer who I know from Roseburg and my ASM (assistant manager) at Starbucks turns out to be a guy that my sister Kim used to babysit and his father took her senior photos! There's also my brilliant cohort in my MAT program - 19 of us (not including professors). All totally unique and lovely. I'm enjoying getting to know them with each class. Then there's CYT (Christian Youth Theatre) where my sister Kim is the artistic director, so I've been meeting her colleagues, as well as students - and I'll be meeting many more this week as I begin to teach two different classes (22 or more students combined). Then there's the ice cream guys, Target cashiers, old men in the park and the vintage store lady. My new Starbucks co-workers whom I really haven't gotten to know yet, but I work tomorrow for 6 hours, so hopefully that'll be changing soon. I'm incredibly busy (as I'm sure is obvious to those who've been keeping up to speed). But incredibly in my element. I'm even glowing (or so a charming stranger told me this weekend). To re-cap: I'm living with gracious family, helping my nephew jabber and walk (jabber-walk...y...hmmm, maybe that's where that came from), working at Starbucks starting tomorrow, in my third week of grad classes, starting teaching CYT classes this week and flirting with strangers who tell me I'm lovely (I guess I'd flirt with anyone who tells me I'm lovely, strangers are just more commonly known to do this). Whew! Sorry for my long-windedness. Kim & Andy are on vacation in Canada this week, so I have no one to blurt my most random thoughts to in the evenings until she returns.


Cassie said...

you are lovely.

and i love the rant!!!!!!!!

i can't wait for sunday! let the good times roll!!!!

joshandkarlee said...

So happy to see life treating you so well! I miss you! You're still the igliest!