Monday, September 15, 2008

an evening with internationals (and nico)

august08 052

If you guessed "Sondre Lerche" when you looked at the above picture, you were right. If you draw a complete blank when you read "Sondre Lerche," it's high time you educated yourselves! Sondre wrote the soundtrack for Dan in Real Life (again, if you don't know this movie: shame on you!). That's right. He wrote almost every song used in the movie. He even makes a cameo with Regina Spektor in the final scene (they are the band performing).

I love Sondre for several reasons: I love Dan in Real Life, he's Norwegian, he has a guitarist named Kato (which is the name of one of my Norwegian relatives), he's incredibly quirky, he looks a bit like James McAvoy, he wears lego necklaces, etc.

So I was thrilled out of my little mind when I found out Sondre was going to be at the Doug Fir (a new favorite venue of mine in Portland) shortly after I moved here. I got my friend Nico excited for the concert and we attended.
august08 050

His opener was a brilliant singer-songwriter from the UK named Sylvie (Lewis?). Nico and I both loved her (and wished we could shrink her to fit in our pocket). Towards the end of Sondre's set, he had Sylvie come join him on stage (he played a solo show...which I loved...the more acoustic the better, in my opinion) to perform a couple of songs from Dan in Real Life that feature a female singer with him. But he decided to tell a story about, well, Thelma & had to be there...august08 080

We were very happy at the end of the night. Beautiful evening.
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Jennifer said...

Hey, sounds like such a great night! But I need to inform you that you are in fact missing an arrow in your "Quiver"! I've got your arrow in mine! All this to say: Can I be in your quiver!