Thursday, September 04, 2008

dani & kevin (part two)

As promised, here are more from Dani & Kevin's wedding. I'll be adding more later today or tomorrow...the sunset was so gorgeous, I am having an absurd time trying to pick a reasonable amount of favorites to post. But I'll begin (again) with these two. The first is during the communion part of the ceremony, right after they were announced "man & wife" (yes, I'm getting in the Princess Bride mood...stay tuned if you want to know why). The second is just after the ceremony. I was trying to capture a romantic just-wed-sunset-kiss photo, but it turned out to be brother-of-the-bride-leaps-into-romantic-just-wed-sunset-kiss photo (seconds after this photo, the groom had tackled said brother to the ground).

dani & kevin 2 131dani & kevin 2 194

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Lorelei said...

Oh man, that one on the right looks perfect... except for the creepy kid in the background totally throws off the romance, but that's what makes it so wonderful in my opinion.