Tuesday, September 23, 2008

appetizer for whittaker feast

So I've been seriously lagging on my photo editing, but it's a bit daunting to begin work on 150+ photos from a family day at the Twist lodge in Sandy. In fact, there were three very over worked cameras that day (Beth, with a Canon one step below mine; mine; and the parent's, which is one step up). Beth and I both gasped when we went to load the pictures on our computers at the end of the day to discover 200+ for her and 300+ for me (in my defense, Beth took about 75 on mine and Mama took some more). After deleting the non-essentials, I still ended up with more than 150. What can I say? We are simply a photogenic bunch (or at least snap-happy).

Here are a couple to wet your appetite for the plethora that I will be posting at a later date:

Donny & Kimmie
woohoo! 028

Behind me are Heather's knees, Timmy, Andy with Katie (Beth & Matt's second child and my only current niece), Kimmie and Uncle Jeff (my dad's brother)...and the Twist lodge itself
woohoo! 253

Helping Jack roast his sausage
woohoo! 009

Stay tuned...same bat-time, same bat-channel...
(the header picture on this blog is also from this day, actually)

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