Thursday, August 21, 2008

westside story (and i'm not talking about the church)

My first full week in Vancouver, my sister Kim spent the week at a CYT (Christian Youth Theatre. Learn that acronym as I'll be using it often and this is the last I'll define it! Bwahaha!) teen camp. They did auditions on Monday and Friday night they did an hour and a half version of Westside Story. It was simply brilliant! Amazing choreography and singing and acting. Seriously can't wait to be a part of this camp next summer...

Kimmie assigned me the task of photographing the showcase. Here are my favs:

Riff & his main gal-pal getting down with their bad selves

Maria & Tony: love at first tip-toe

"MARIA!" (that was a reference to A Walk to Remember for those brave enough to admit they've seen it or even, gasp, own it)

The balcony scene was beautifully lit

"I want to be in America." Annalise, who played Anita, did such a fabulous job

The Sharks want to be in America (ps- click on the photo and take a good look at Chino's face who, by the way, is a fantastic dancer)

"Tonight!" This is one of my favorite three pictures...

Before the rumble turns REALLY bad (and can I add that Patrick, who played Riff, sang brilliantly- and without a working mic!)

Uh-oh. That's never good.

And my favorite picture ever (I know, I'm a bit dark, but check out Tony's agony!)

Chino breaks the news to Maria that Tony killed her brother

"There's a place for us. Somewhere a place for us."
Little did they know that that place wouldn't be in this world.

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