Saturday, August 23, 2008

look ma, no hands!

Look what I learned how to do! Katie's almost life-size!
twist! 014

Seriously. How cool is this? Thanks to Heather Espana for the tutorials on getting bigger pictures on blogger.

On the hottest day of 2008, I was out at the un-air-conditioned Twist lodge, where Beth helped Jack beat the heat by buzzing his hair. He wasn't too happy about this turn of events...
twist! 001twist! 006

...until he saw himself in the mirror! (doesn't it make you want to chant, "Ru-fi-O!"?)
twist! 010twist! 022

Katie is learning the sultry look far too early if you ask Beth or me (or probably Matt, as well).
twist! 024


Cassie said...

oh my! I LOVE the big pics!!! how in the world did you do it?

joann renee said...

Cassie...and anyone else who cares...go here:

That's how I learned to make the pics so big...although I am making them 480 and 740 in pixelization, instead of her larger 900 and 1200 pixels. Or something to that order. Happy giantizing your pics!

joann renee said...

don't know why it cut that off before

joann renee said...

okay, that's all one line, not two, but it keeps cutting off for some reason.

farmgirl beth said...

Very nice, but out here in dial-up land, very nice large pictures = many minutes of waiting only to have half of them get timed out on.

But, for everyone else, it is a fabulous way to show off your amazing photography skills.