Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jani & shane

Wedded bliss. Ah.

About three weeks ago I had the joy of photographing Jani Summers & Shane Gutierrez's wedding out at Jani's parent's house. It was simply beautiful. One of those weddings that you walk away from feeling like you just witnessed a fairy tale unfold before your eyes. Here are some favorite pictures from the day:

Congratulations Jani & Shane!

My lovely friend Cassie assisted me at the wedding as an extra camera. She got some awesome shots too. Not sure if she's posted them or not, but her site is well worth checking out either way.

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Bo said...

Those are beautiful...I was so sad to miss that wedding, and now I feel like I got a little taste of it.

Also, I ran into something in the Message this morning that sounded exactly like you and made me miss you. I almost wrote your name in the margin of my Bible, then thought that God and/or Eugene Peterson might think I'm accusing them of plagiarizing your work and I really don't want to make either of them mad. However, the line "Festoon the shrine with garlands"? Um...that's a Joann line, guys, and we know you read her blog!

Love you, miss you, come back soon!