Monday, August 18, 2008

i crave crisp

I Crave Crisp
by Joann Renee

By mid-August each year
every bone in
my body is aching,
groaning with the cry:
Fall, fall, fall!

It’s been an Olympic year.
Watching Phelps win
gold after gold is

The balance beam routine
has been long
and tedious in the execution.
I’m wavering.

The days lengthen.
We defy common sense.
Enjoy the sun.
Breathe the sun.
Chase the sun.
Go, go, go!

I’m exhausted.
I crave crisp
air and leaves,
a slower pace,
embracing sweatered friends over
steaming mugs.

She’s still on the beam.
I can’t repress
an unpatriotic chant
from swelling to startle
the room:
Fall, fall, fall, fall…

1 comment:

jamiejoy said...

Absolutely beautiful and consistent with my own heart's desire. I am attempting to restrain myself from decorating the house head to toe in pumpkins and leaves even as we speak.