Friday, August 29, 2008

grad student!

I'm a Self-
by Joann Renee

You would not have believed
the glazed look of glee
in my emerald eyes as I
waltzed into orientation
past the food line,
past the chit-chat,
straight to my shining stack
of nine new textbooks gleaming
on the back table. It was
like Christmas morning.
Mock away, all you who dare
through mouthfuls of catered
chicken. Mock on!
I won't be swayed--
not even a jot.
I love reading a lot
lot lot lot.
It's true. I'm a self-
proclaimed Hermione, Anne Shirley and Jo
March to the core.
Bring on the banquet,
I'll feast on my books
eagerly gleaning whatever
you'll teach. My cohort
is ready for 20 months
of course work and comraderie.
It's true. I'm a self-
who needs other selves.
MAT 005


Danny said...

AAAAAAAAAH!! Those books bring back memories of boredom in college. Give me more math classes!

Enjoy your classes!

Lis said...

I covet thy books--naturally, but especially in this instance. With only two slim days of teacher orientation and nary a book to read on education, teachering, or the like, Wednesday is my first class with fifteen freshman souls and it will take no small amount of bravery to face it.