Sunday, August 31, 2008

gainfully employed

I just realized that I've spent the last three August's looking for work. In fact, last August I was joking that I would never trust August again as it was the second August in a row that I spent a gregarious amount of time searching for work. My instincts were correct. Although, this August it was my own choice that I had to look for work. I mean, no one forced me to quit my job in Bend and move to the greener pastures of Vancouver, WA.

Well, I am delighted to inform you that I have finally landed myself a job. Smack dab in the center of what I would consider the Stars Hollow of Vancouver, I will be working right across the street from Esther Short Park at Starbucks. Again. Third times the charm, right?

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Michelle said...

Tell Rory and Lorelai "hi" for me :)