Friday, August 22, 2008

estrogen brigade reunion!!

It's been over three and a half years, but the Hippy One traveled from Colorado and TOFKAG (the one formerly known as goth) traveled from Idaho and the Twirly One (that's me) moved from Bend to meet up with the Spikey One (who already resides in the Portland area).

Rock-locks happened.
As did many group self-portraits. We were all taking a picture on our own cameras in the following:

Hippy also found a broken horse for TOFKAG.
We found the horses father.
And posed.

We bought matching flasks at Urban Outfitters.
TOFKAG currently possesses the Flask of Power, which has a different design then the rest of ours.
One flask to rule them all...

Until next time
when rocks are once again locked
and flasks are exchanged
EB out.

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