Tuesday, August 26, 2008

dani & kevin (part one)

I've only just begun editing Dani & Kevin Meyer's wedding day, but here are a few teasers (Bethy, tell me if this loaded any better for you, or if it still took uber long and didn't load everything):
dani & kevin 1 021dani & kevin 1 027combo

dani & kevin 1 077halfdani & kevin 1 001

once again, congrats...and have a great 'moon!


Cassie said...


completely amazing and beautiful!

Dani said...

Ah! So beautiful! Its amazing how peaceful they all look....lol. In spite of all the craziness you continue to amaze me. :)

Mama G said...

Great pics...I was browsing and came upon your blog..and I was amazed at how beautiful your pics are and how BIG they are...any chance you can pass on your secret? I'm doing a little photography work on the side and can't figure out how to enlarge the pics....oh my e-mail is mandolin_98390@yahoo.com


farmgirl beth said...

Lovely as always. I want that red star!

Not uber long, more normally long, and they did all load, but the former massive photos that you posted are still slowing the page down. So sorry... I just can't justify paying $79 a month for satellite, and that is currently my ONLY option for high speed internet.

Molly Polly said...

Well, I know who I want to do my wedding pics someday!!! However, the way things are going so far, you'll probably be too famous for the likes of me by the time I get around to it... is there any way to reserve you 20 years in advance? Haha. Beautiful job Joann, really beautiful.