Sunday, August 31, 2008

gainfully employed

I just realized that I've spent the last three August's looking for work. In fact, last August I was joking that I would never trust August again as it was the second August in a row that I spent a gregarious amount of time searching for work. My instincts were correct. Although, this August it was my own choice that I had to look for work. I mean, no one forced me to quit my job in Bend and move to the greener pastures of Vancouver, WA.

Well, I am delighted to inform you that I have finally landed myself a job. Smack dab in the center of what I would consider the Stars Hollow of Vancouver, I will be working right across the street from Esther Short Park at Starbucks. Again. Third times the charm, right?

Friday, August 29, 2008

grad student!

I'm a Self-
by Joann Renee

You would not have believed
the glazed look of glee
in my emerald eyes as I
waltzed into orientation
past the food line,
past the chit-chat,
straight to my shining stack
of nine new textbooks gleaming
on the back table. It was
like Christmas morning.
Mock away, all you who dare
through mouthfuls of catered
chicken. Mock on!
I won't be swayed--
not even a jot.
I love reading a lot
lot lot lot.
It's true. I'm a self-
proclaimed Hermione, Anne Shirley and Jo
March to the core.
Bring on the banquet,
I'll feast on my books
eagerly gleaning whatever
you'll teach. My cohort
is ready for 20 months
of course work and comraderie.
It's true. I'm a self-
who needs other selves.
MAT 005

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

dani & kevin (part one)

I've only just begun editing Dani & Kevin Meyer's wedding day, but here are a few teasers (Bethy, tell me if this loaded any better for you, or if it still took uber long and didn't load everything):
dani & kevin 1 021dani & kevin 1 027combo

dani & kevin 1 077halfdani & kevin 1 001

once again, congrats...and have a great 'moon!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


...the friendliest chipmunk on the planet. (yes, i did take this photo without a zoom lense, just a normal type lense...he was maybe 2 and a half inches away from the end of the camera...lovely chap)
chipmunk 008

He was mainly fond of shoulders...
chipmunk 018combo

...and Cheez-its.
chipmunk 014combo

Saturday, August 23, 2008

look ma, no hands!

Look what I learned how to do! Katie's almost life-size!
twist! 014

Seriously. How cool is this? Thanks to Heather Espana for the tutorials on getting bigger pictures on blogger.

On the hottest day of 2008, I was out at the un-air-conditioned Twist lodge, where Beth helped Jack beat the heat by buzzing his hair. He wasn't too happy about this turn of events...
twist! 001twist! 006

...until he saw himself in the mirror! (doesn't it make you want to chant, "Ru-fi-O!"?)
twist! 010twist! 022

Katie is learning the sultry look far too early if you ask Beth or me (or probably Matt, as well).
twist! 024

Friday, August 22, 2008

estrogen brigade reunion!!

It's been over three and a half years, but the Hippy One traveled from Colorado and TOFKAG (the one formerly known as goth) traveled from Idaho and the Twirly One (that's me) moved from Bend to meet up with the Spikey One (who already resides in the Portland area).

Rock-locks happened.
As did many group self-portraits. We were all taking a picture on our own cameras in the following:

Hippy also found a broken horse for TOFKAG.
We found the horses father.
And posed.

We bought matching flasks at Urban Outfitters.
TOFKAG currently possesses the Flask of Power, which has a different design then the rest of ours.
One flask to rule them all...

Until next time
when rocks are once again locked
and flasks are exchanged
EB out.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

westside story (and i'm not talking about the church)

My first full week in Vancouver, my sister Kim spent the week at a CYT (Christian Youth Theatre. Learn that acronym as I'll be using it often and this is the last I'll define it! Bwahaha!) teen camp. They did auditions on Monday and Friday night they did an hour and a half version of Westside Story. It was simply brilliant! Amazing choreography and singing and acting. Seriously can't wait to be a part of this camp next summer...

Kimmie assigned me the task of photographing the showcase. Here are my favs:

Riff & his main gal-pal getting down with their bad selves

Maria & Tony: love at first tip-toe

"MARIA!" (that was a reference to A Walk to Remember for those brave enough to admit they've seen it or even, gasp, own it)

The balcony scene was beautifully lit

"I want to be in America." Annalise, who played Anita, did such a fabulous job

The Sharks want to be in America (ps- click on the photo and take a good look at Chino's face who, by the way, is a fantastic dancer)

"Tonight!" This is one of my favorite three pictures...

Before the rumble turns REALLY bad (and can I add that Patrick, who played Riff, sang brilliantly- and without a working mic!)

Uh-oh. That's never good.

And my favorite picture ever (I know, I'm a bit dark, but check out Tony's agony!)

Chino breaks the news to Maria that Tony killed her brother

"There's a place for us. Somewhere a place for us."
Little did they know that that place wouldn't be in this world.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

it wouldn't be august without...

(yes, it deserves to be in all caps)

The tom-foolery and frolicing that goes on is little short of miraculous.
Located in the heart of Junction City, there are four days of Scandinavian festivities including people dressed as Vikings and trolls, traditional garb, traditional dances, Scandinavian foods (bring on the lefse and aebleskiver!) and, this year, ride-able ice cooler chests:

A spattering of fun (the lovely woman in the top left corner is my grandma):

We had a troll of a good time!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jani & shane

Wedded bliss. Ah.

About three weeks ago I had the joy of photographing Jani Summers & Shane Gutierrez's wedding out at Jani's parent's house. It was simply beautiful. One of those weddings that you walk away from feeling like you just witnessed a fairy tale unfold before your eyes. Here are some favorite pictures from the day:

Congratulations Jani & Shane!

My lovely friend Cassie assisted me at the wedding as an extra camera. She got some awesome shots too. Not sure if she's posted them or not, but her site is well worth checking out either way.

Monday, August 18, 2008

i crave crisp

I Crave Crisp
by Joann Renee

By mid-August each year
every bone in
my body is aching,
groaning with the cry:
Fall, fall, fall!

It’s been an Olympic year.
Watching Phelps win
gold after gold is

The balance beam routine
has been long
and tedious in the execution.
I’m wavering.

The days lengthen.
We defy common sense.
Enjoy the sun.
Breathe the sun.
Chase the sun.
Go, go, go!

I’m exhausted.
I crave crisp
air and leaves,
a slower pace,
embracing sweatered friends over
steaming mugs.

She’s still on the beam.
I can’t repress
an unpatriotic chant
from swelling to startle
the room:
Fall, fall, fall, fall…

Sunday, August 10, 2008

"so this is love...

...mmm, Mmm, mmm, this is what the world calls love..."

I found my first niche (beside of course Burnside & 23rd in Portland, which have been waiting for me and needed no searching to locate): Esther Short Park in downtown Vancouver. It's a lush city block filled with grass and trees, a water feature for children to play in, a bell tower, an ampitheatre, a gazebo, etc. It's idyllic.

It's also surrounded by an Italian cafe with terrible coffee but great paninis, pastries and gelato. There are fun shops and a Starbucks and an apartment complex (how fun it would be to live there) and parking meters (yes, they still use coin operated parking meters). It's within walking distance of a fun, retro "cheap" theater and all of the other places I mentioned in the previous post with Erin & Hiro. And, as an added bonus, it's a mere two blocks from the I-5 entrance that brings you onto the freeway a few hundred feet from the bridge into Oregon.

As I walked through the park, the song from Sleeping Beauty filled my heart and my mouth. This is even before I rounded the corner and to my absolute bliss found a round-about! Icing on the cake. The funny thing about this round-about (for all you Bend residents) is that there are arrows painted in the round-about to show you which direction to drive.

donny the ham

Living with an infant on the verge of toddler-hood has been quite entertaining. Donny's a bit of a ham and loves to fake laugh and tell long stories in gibberish. Sometimes I interpret them for him.

He didn't enjoy his bath last week. At all. I didn't know such sounds could come from a child. He sounded like a cat hissing in an alley fight, crossed with a near-demonic penguin chirp. Is it bad that I was laughing hysterically?

I randomly ran into Donny with his babysitter downtown Vancouver at Starbucks. He gave me his best cheesy grin. (In answer to questions regarding Cheesy on the Outside, I believe he may be cheesy on the inside as well.)

catching up

On Monday I met up with multiple ex-roommate (we lived in three places together, sharing a room at two of those, for a grand total of 18+ months), since we now find ourselves living in the same metropolis area. We went to Stumptown, Buffalo Exchange, Powells, PF Changs and walked down to the waterfront. My favorite fortune ever from a cookie came to me at PFs: "You have great physical powers and an iron constitution." Look out world!

(you can't tell, but there's a billboard behind us that says "I <3 Burnside" -and we really do)

Then on Tuesday, ex-roommate of college (we only lived together twice, but for a grand total of 20+ months), Erin, met up with me to show me downtown Vancouver (which I'm in love with). We started at Mon Ami for crepes (not as good as Bend's crepe shop, but okay) and walked to a vintage shop where I made Erin try on ridiculous (ly fun) dresses (see below). Then we had root beer floats at The Ice Cream Renaissance (amazing! I fully recommend) where we ran into the co-owner who we know from years ago (small world). It was a hot hot hot day. But it was so much fun catching up with her and meeting her son, Hiro, who is now six months old.

Erin & Hiro at the second hand vintage shop

moving update

I apologize for being so lax in updating my blog since the move. You know how it is. Well, maybe you don't. But I do. It's crazy. On August 1st I left a sunny 75 degree Bend to hit rainy weather halfway to Portland. To most people, the reaction would be that of frustration or even anger. The fact that my reaction was to roll down the windows and "woop" proves how right this move is for me.

I'm still looking for a job. Still waiting for classes to start. Still catching up with Portland friends. Still loving the opportunity to love on my nephews and niece. Still a little in denial that I've packed all my belongings into a storage unit and live in a completely different state (Vancouver, WA, baby). Still excited, happy and exhausted.