Sunday, July 27, 2008

what i'll miss...

  1. Being caught by surprise with a breath-taking view of the snow-capped Cascades in my rearview mirror.

  2. Sitting in the Bellatazza courtyard for entire weekends.

  3. (Related to the previous) My baristas at Bellatazza that I’ve grown to know and love over the past three years: Marcel, Julia, Norman Goodfellow, PJ (Penelope Jo), Kirsten, Campbell, etc.

  4. Round-a-bouts keeping my in town driving from ever becoming mundane.

  5. Old St. Francis McMenamins (soaking pool & theatre, etc.)

  6. The Crepe Place

  7. Snow

  8. Lazy summer days reading at Drake Park

  9. My beautiful book club

  10. And (of course) many, many, many friends…

But I’ve been thinking lately that, though I’ll miss all of these things, there are billions of niches in the world awaiting my discovery and adoration. There will be more breathtaking views—different than in Bend, but worth discovering. More downtown courtyards that will inspire my most creative and introspective moments. More baristas that will earn my love and gratitude (and, yes, sass). Perhaps even other transportational whimsicalities that will keep me smiling.

Moving on is sad—it’s true. There are always good things left behind. But there are so many more adventures and havens to be discovered! More places that need a Joann (though they don’t know it yet!). More places that Joann needs (though she’s not yet aware of it).

I’m so excited to turn discovery mode back on as I embark on another chapter of my life. After all, who knows what may lurk just around (the river) Bend?


Sarah said...

a new adventure awaits you my is to the hopeful curiousity of each new day!

Marie said...

well-spoken!! I'm so there with you! I wonder what's around the bend for me?
At least I know I'll be nearer you, and that's a really good thing!