Thursday, July 31, 2008

the shire

It is inconceivable to me that I spent the last 3+ years sharing Bend with a residential area modeled after JRR Tolkien's Shire, and was completely oblivious to this fact! I mean, I love all things hobbit. I love their huge furry feet. I love their rollicking, good-times nature. I love their curly hair and mischievousness. I love their love of pints and singing. I love their love of twelve meals a day.

Well, about a month ago I spent three consecutive nights watching the trilogy (my roommates trickled in and out). On the final night, Michelle, one of my roommates and former small group girl, said something about her frequent visits to the Shire when she was in high school. Now, I know she hasn't read the books and I didn't believe she'd been to New Zealand, so I inquired further. "There's a Shire in Bend?! And you never told me?!"

I was incredulous (and the question mark/ exclamation point combo infers). How could I find out about such a thing after I've decided to move away?

So last week Michelle took me to the Shire so I could experience the bliss for myself. It was bliss. I only wish I'd known earlier...many an afternoon would have been spend chewing straw by the pond while re-reading the Silmarillon.

Thank you, Michelle! (and Tolkien...and the developers of the area, though you went bankrupt and had to stop building...and hobbits...and Malorie (you know why)...)

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Luke & Kristin said...

such a ridiculous concept for a neighborhood.
evidenced by the fact that.. it bombed.
that is the number of homes that sold.