Saturday, July 12, 2008

pluto will always be a planet in my heart

When I was in second grade I had to write a creative story about "Planet X" -- in other words, the as yet to be discovered tenth planet in our solar system. I really got into it. My Planet X was really cool. Everyone walked on their hands and broke out into song and dance and the sky was purple. I was also married to Wesley Crusher (the Enterprise helped my explorer spaceship- that's how we met).

Anyway, all that to say, the whole concept of Planet X hinged on Planet IX (aka Pluto) being a planet.

I feel like my whole childhood was a lie. This is way worse than Santa Claus not being real. I refuse to believe it.

So I wrote the following poem in tribute to that little planetary oddball. I wrote the poem with nine stanzas, the first letter of each stanza represents the first letter of our nine planets (or eight and a toid, depending on your opionion), beginning with “M”, for Mercury, and ending with “P”, for Pluto.

Pluto Will Always Be A Planet In My Heart
by Joann Renee

Mercury. It always begins easily
lilting off the tongue in concentric circles
away from the sun.

Very rarely do children loathe these rocket-like lessons
that tear the tops off
of tree-house imagination.

Early on, we all begin to develop
at least one form of nerdiness, an unexplainable passion
for math or comic books or words or,

My personal favorite, science fiction—
which tumbles about the unexplored regions of outer space,
launching off of what we know to what we don’t.

Just a few years ago though, some scientists got together
to add an oid to Pluto’s classification,
putting an end to the final P of acronyms across the globe.

Shaken only begins to describe the horror
that gripped the hearts of children and space lovers
that stupid day.

Using examples of snowflakes,
we were taught
that everyone is intricately and beautifully unique,

Now we learn that our favorite universal underdog
is too unique to fit in with his planetary peers
and has been officially demoted.

Perhaps someday those scientoids will recant,
but it won’t matter, because
Pluto will always be a planet in my heart.


Cassie said...

i LOVE this poem. I love the writer, thinker, and friend behind it....

well done!

Marie said...

What fun you add to our world!! Thanks for being you! and thanks for sharing yourself with all of us, your adoring fans!!

farmgirl beth said...

Yes, yes, YES! You Scientoids must RECANT! I have felt the same way since I heard the shocking news. Thank you for once again putting the most abstract of sentiments into words for me.

Danny said...


timmy said...

I guess all the Whittaker kids are obsessed with the planetization of Pluto! Nine planets! Course, it's not like scientists always know what they're talking about, am I right?