Sunday, July 06, 2008

if i were an amelie character...

I’ve been contemplating lately what random facts would be used to describe me if I were a character in a movie written by Guillaume Laurant, the French dialogue writer for Amelie and Un Long Dimanche de Fiancailles (A Very Long Engagement). He has a brilliant way of writing to include the most bizarre habits of his characters—the type of things they do that make them completely unique from the rest of the population.

Here are some of the quirky descriptors of a few of his characters: a man who loves to carry bubble wrap around with him to pop, a dog who farts in his sleep, a woman who (upon hearing the dog fart) smiles and says to herself (in French, of course) Doggy farts gladden my heart, a woman who plays the tuba because it sounds like a distress call, a man who collects discarded pictures at photo booths, a man obsessed with raking his gravel drive, and a man who talks to the vegetables in the stand he works at.

As I’ve been contemplating, here are some of the things he might say about me:

  • tip-toes down steep declines
  • names inanimate objects
  • purposefully makes a mess so she’ll have something to do later
  • takes funny phrases out of context in a conversation and pretends that they were used as a greeting to other people
  • accidentally combines words and puts the wrong vowels into words when she’s been up too late

What quirks would he describe you with?


Cor and Whit said...

Hmmm...quirky things about me:
1. Avoids ALL new restaurants in order to avoid looking at a new menu and possibly ordering something gross, even if the food ordered at old restaurant is not that great.
2. Likes to listen to music in the car, but consistently forgets to turn on the radio until pulling into work, generally due to really intense thinking in the brain, and resulting in frustration at not listening to music on the way to work.
3. Has tendency to guess what people will say before they say it, and answers people as if they've said what I thought would be said, even though most of the time they say something totally different and I sound really confused. That can seriously prolong a conversation.

It's funny because most of these things could either be chalked up to ditziness or OCD. I'm not sure if one is better than the other, so we'll call my character a "blonde thinker" and leave it at that. Thanks Joann, that was fun!

Elisabeth said...

It's like you read my mind--you have no idea how often I think about those pithy trop Français musings! Just to begin: likes shutting doors with her feet, pretends to be a dancer in large ceiling'd rooms, arranges retorts in foreign accents to other cars in traffic, finds wind and thunder storms thrilling, imagines sounds visually, holds unrepentant penchant for pair of red sandals, matches personalities with ethnic foods...

outoftheshadowlands said...

I fear getting into car wrecks with invisible cars.
If I'm somewhere with air conditioning, I like to turn it down so it's super cold so that I can snuggle under the blankets.
I like to imagine an appropriate super power for stressful situations.
I make up songs all the time for Jude to make the mundane tasks of life more interesting.
I don't really like talking on the phone - I'd much rather email someone.
I love to get new hairstyles - something really different which means I'll grow my hair out for ages with an uninteresting look just so that when I do get a new hairstyle, it will be more shocking.
You rock Joann! As usual.

Danny said...


Amuses himself by pretending to use laser vision to cut down power poles, traffic lights, and trees; crushing the cars that are following him.

Spends his free time playing all four hands in a game of bridge.

Enjoys math!

Descriptives said...

Eats entire bags/boxes of random foodstuffs if the opportunity presents itself.

SUBCONSCIOUSLY rubs nail beds against lips.

Is convinced the world is ending if a bottle of water is not within arms reach.

Should carry a granola bar in purse and always mentions such when going anywhere with anyone and has always neglected to do so.

Checks EVERY man's hand for a wedding band, regardless of their age or attractiveness.

Must sing out loud to every song I know the words to.

Never ends one entree on plate at a time, but rather takes equal bites of all so that there is always palate balance.

Lorelei said...

-is a closet insomniac, and seriously, is tired :)

-drives out where no one will be, turns up her music, steps outside the parked car, and dances... a lot... mostly to mewithoutYou

-names inanimate objects, as well

-imagines the 2-yr olds she cares for as being adults she knows and then laughs to herself at there funny movements... then turns on music and dances with them :)

-sometimes sleeps in her normal clothes... because she can