Monday, June 16, 2008


I saw a movie tonight that moved me on so many levels. Here's the trailer:

I wish I could put into words. I laughed the entire movie. I also teared up at least a half dozen times. I thought about my grandparents. Was thankful that I get to see my only remaining grandparent this coming weekend at my nephew's first birthday party. Wished I could see the others. Seriously considered calling George Fox to have them toss out my grad school application so that I could find a retirement center to work at and, perhaps, start a similar choir.

The following clip is of Coldplay's "Fix You", sung by one of their old chorus members who came out just to sing with them after five years away due to health. I already love this song, but watching Fred sing this just a week or two after one of the other chorus members (who was suppose to sing the song as a duet with him) died... There are no words.

(this clip is considerably quieter than the trailer I posted, so turn up your speakers)

I hope to be this cool at 80 some odd years young.


Marie said...

Enjoyed watching all the clips. Looks like a fun movie.

Luke & Kristin said...

I cried just watching the trailer.. i don't think i should watch this movie

Hannah Joy & Ellie Mae said...

Oh Yeah... during college Randy and I worked in an Alzheimer's facility. It was one of the most rewarding jobs by far! This looks super good!

timmy said...

Absolutely phenomenal! Heather & I WILL be watching this one!