Monday, June 23, 2008

sandcastles and sarah

Two weekends ago I went on one final adventure with Sarah before we both moved (me to Portland from Bend and her to Texas from Portland--almost like we're playing tag). Friday night we watched Goonies to prepare. Saturday we went to the great Oregon coast sandcastle competition near Astoria. Here we frolicked and walked rapidly along the beach where the car race is filmed in Goonies (and where they are when found by their families, also where the three rocks are that are seen from the hillside of the "restaurant").

Here are some of the many elaborate (and not-so-elaborate) sandcastles we saw:

(my favorite is the top middle-- man-eating whale. So macabre.)

And, of course, no coast trip is complete without a photoshoot...

And Sarah...

For those unfortunate enough not to know Sarah, she is the shore to my sea. Macaroni to my cheese. Chocolate cookie orbs to my double stuffing. Business to my sock. Etc.

She was my next door neighbor in our Freshman dorm (Penn2Hot4U!) who, though repulsive in her country music phase of life, was the life of the party. She definitely fed my mischievous side, as I did hers. She then proceeded to date a couple of the guys that I hung out with, so we remained in contact. At the end of our Junior year, she & I rescued each other from the rest of our Juniors Abroad group in Italy & Switzerlant. Our kindred spirits were finally seared permanently together when we decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Disneyland just after graduation.

Yesterday was her birthday. So, Sarah, happy birthday. Happy trails. And Foux du Fafa.


farmgirl beth said...

I wish I had a friend I could say "Faux du Fafa" to.

Sarah said...

You complete me.