Thursday, June 26, 2008

farewell barton

Farewell Barton
by Joann Renee

It doesn’t have to be significant,
There are some things you never forget.
Somehow your heart registers that
This is a moment worth remembering.
Like now, knowing
Ten years, twenty, forty—
A lifetime from now

I’ll feel the light breeze prickling
Goose bumps on my sun burnt arms,
Taste the lingering wine
On my lips and tongue,
Hear the exact timbre of the neighbors’ voices
Drifting over the fence,
See the lightest burnt amber highlighting
The silhouetted still-snowcapped Cascades,
Letting the last words you wrote
Play over and over in my mind,
Reverberating down to my painted toes—

A night that I’m so alone
I sense a supernatural companionship
With the first star I see tonight,
And loneliness manages to elude me
As I learn,
This is a moment worth remembering.

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