Friday, June 27, 2008

it's a dangerous thing, stepping outside your front door

For those who haven't heard through the grapevine or directly from this grape, I am moving back to Portland the beginning of August (that's only 34 days away!).

There are multiple reasons for this move (including, but not limited to):
  • I miss the rain
  • My nephews & niece beckon
  • As do my lovely sisters
  • Did I mention my parents are moving to the Portland area as well?
  • Oh! And I'll be closer to both brothers, too. Though I still probably won't see Danny that often even with the airport right at hand.
  • Powells Books & Buffalo Exchange & waterfront
  • Big bridges
  • Live music
  • The irresistible possibility of directing Narnia for CYT in January
  • Old high school & college chums
  • And I'm going back to school

I found out Wednesday that I am officially accepted to George Fox University's MAT (Masters of Arts in Teaching program). Classes start late August. It's the night program, so I can work full time (classes are only one night a week plus every third or so Saturday). I'll be going for Secondary Education (that means high school & middle school) for Language Arts (that's English) and Drama. It's a 20 month program with student teaching beginning November of 2009. I'll be taking classes at the Portland campus, not Newberg.

I don't have a job yet. Still looking. Not sure where I'll live yet (hopefully I won't have to crash at my sister's for too long). My last day of work at Westside Church is July 31st, which is also when I move out of the Ranch Village house.

There are still many unknowns, but I'm thrilled. It finally feels real now that I've taken a load of stuff to storage in Vancouver and have been accepted to grad school.

So, Bend buddies, if I seem distant or out of it, it's because I am (sorry!). I've got a lot going on in my head and transitioning is always an emotional, whimsical and stressful time for me. Know that I love you all and forgive me in advance for being completely unpredictable in moods. Send me an email or a text and I'd love to hang out before July's out.

And, Portland pals, begin clearing your calendars for being my friend beginning in August.

Further up and further in...

Thursday, June 26, 2008

farewell barton

Farewell Barton
by Joann Renee

It doesn’t have to be significant,
There are some things you never forget.
Somehow your heart registers that
This is a moment worth remembering.
Like now, knowing
Ten years, twenty, forty—
A lifetime from now

I’ll feel the light breeze prickling
Goose bumps on my sun burnt arms,
Taste the lingering wine
On my lips and tongue,
Hear the exact timbre of the neighbors’ voices
Drifting over the fence,
See the lightest burnt amber highlighting
The silhouetted still-snowcapped Cascades,
Letting the last words you wrote
Play over and over in my mind,
Reverberating down to my painted toes—

A night that I’m so alone
I sense a supernatural companionship
With the first star I see tonight,
And loneliness manages to elude me
As I learn,
This is a moment worth remembering.

Monday, June 23, 2008

sandcastles and sarah

Two weekends ago I went on one final adventure with Sarah before we both moved (me to Portland from Bend and her to Texas from Portland--almost like we're playing tag). Friday night we watched Goonies to prepare. Saturday we went to the great Oregon coast sandcastle competition near Astoria. Here we frolicked and walked rapidly along the beach where the car race is filmed in Goonies (and where they are when found by their families, also where the three rocks are that are seen from the hillside of the "restaurant").

Here are some of the many elaborate (and not-so-elaborate) sandcastles we saw:

(my favorite is the top middle-- man-eating whale. So macabre.)

And, of course, no coast trip is complete without a photoshoot...

And Sarah...

For those unfortunate enough not to know Sarah, she is the shore to my sea. Macaroni to my cheese. Chocolate cookie orbs to my double stuffing. Business to my sock. Etc.

She was my next door neighbor in our Freshman dorm (Penn2Hot4U!) who, though repulsive in her country music phase of life, was the life of the party. She definitely fed my mischievous side, as I did hers. She then proceeded to date a couple of the guys that I hung out with, so we remained in contact. At the end of our Junior year, she & I rescued each other from the rest of our Juniors Abroad group in Italy & Switzerlant. Our kindred spirits were finally seared permanently together when we decided to take a spontaneous road trip to Disneyland just after graduation.

Yesterday was her birthday. So, Sarah, happy birthday. Happy trails. And Foux du Fafa.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I saw a movie tonight that moved me on so many levels. Here's the trailer:

I wish I could put into words. I laughed the entire movie. I also teared up at least a half dozen times. I thought about my grandparents. Was thankful that I get to see my only remaining grandparent this coming weekend at my nephew's first birthday party. Wished I could see the others. Seriously considered calling George Fox to have them toss out my grad school application so that I could find a retirement center to work at and, perhaps, start a similar choir.

The following clip is of Coldplay's "Fix You", sung by one of their old chorus members who came out just to sing with them after five years away due to health. I already love this song, but watching Fred sing this just a week or two after one of the other chorus members (who was suppose to sing the song as a duet with him) died... There are no words.

(this clip is considerably quieter than the trailer I posted, so turn up your speakers)

I hope to be this cool at 80 some odd years young.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

fleet week

Day two of being a baton began with escorting my lovely eldest sister, Kimmie, and her husband, Andy (on their fourth wedding anniversary, actually) and my nephew, Donny, to the waterfront for fleet week.

It was a bit blustery for fully enjoying the carnival, but there were some really cool boats (and sailors).

Donny was a bit sick and so spent most of the morning in his stroller with his hat covering his eyes (which he was shockingly happy with).

And here's the happy couple: keepers of the tradition.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

the doug fir

This past weekend was a relay race...
...and I was the baton.

It began Thursday with three hours of work, then three hours of driving, then three hours with the Twists (minus Matt) in Sandy, then three hours in Portland looking at boats & sailors and attending a Brooke Fraser concert before spending a couple of hours chatting with my older sister, Kimmie.

The rest of the weekend continued in like manner.

The Brooke Fraser concert was at this great venue in Portland: the Doug Fir Lounge. Such a unique environment! The whole building is made of Doug Fir trees...big logs everywhere. I simply loved it.

Brooke is from New Zealand (you should look up her music--simply brilliant). Her set was very acoustic with just two other band members (above--click on the pictures for a closer look), a girl from Ireland who played keys & violin and sang backup and a guy from Detroit who played drums & keys. It felt like a small, intimate concert though there were over 150 people in the small room.

This is my favorite picture from the night...

Monday, June 09, 2008

tarzan & jane

also known as Kevin and Dani

Last week we went down to Drake Park to celebrate their engagement. This was a bittersweet experience for me as photographer and friend because Dani was in my cabin at Camp Crestview when she was going into the seventh grade. Now she's getting married!

Despite the emotional flutterings, we had some fun times. They reminded me so much of Tarzan & Jane with their tree climbing, that I burst out in Phil Colins tunes ("You'll be in my Heart") at one point. Which earned me a courtesy laugh.

Friday, June 06, 2008

june begins

Last Sunday, as June began, I was found at my usual weekend haunt (when not in Portland): Bellatazza. After taking some engagement pictures (to be posted soon), several friends ran into me at my table outside. We had fun with my camera...

Looking up...(the sky wasn't really that dark)

Annalisa, the contortionist...

Then Jordan took the photographic reigns.
Here's Violet twirling the table umbrella...

I even let Jordan take pictures of me...