Friday, May 09, 2008

the swell season

If you haven't seen Once (and don't mind Irish swearing), you must! You'll probably think it's boring, unless you're cool like me. It's kind of feels like a documentary, which it sort of is, but not really. Anyway, the two main actors in the film really are Irish & Czech musicians, and they won an Academy Award for Best Original Song ("Falling Slowly") which is in the brilliant low budget movie.

Anyway. They came to Eugene (of all places) a couple of weeks ago. The show sold out a month before the concert, but I purchased mine early. Lorelei was suppose to be my companion, but she had to move that weekend, so Ryan filled in.

Here's our pre-show excitement:

The opening duo were a couple of Irish guys. A piano/ tamborine/ penny whistle player who looked like a hot Yanni (if that's possible). And an older guy with missing teeth in a karate/ Mexican pueblo outfit (complete with a dragon stitched in black on one of the pant legs) who played some kind of crazy drum while standing on one foot.

Glen played his first song (which is also the first song in Once) by himself way in front of the mic, so he wasn't amplified at all, nor was his guitar - he doesn't really need amplification.

Had to throw an artsy one in:

Marketa is back on the piano...

But they switched spots a couple of times...

They kept looking adoringly at one another.
It was very sweet.
I wanted in on the sweetness.
So I looked lovingly at the sub that I was leaning against.


Luke & Kristin said...

We started that movie, I got it because it incorporated Luke's 2 favorite things (not counting his love for Yours Truly.. ok.. and Jesus..)
Irish anything, and Music..
we turned it off out of boredom.. and he mocked my movie choice..
Guess we're not cool like you.
Allie Summers said Mike loves it too.. guess we're just not up to par. We watched 27 dresses instead, now THAT'S a good movie (and don't let Luke tell you that he didn't like it.. he secretly did)

Lis said...

Last picture: a knockout. When I saw the movie, the brilliance of the at times Seth P. Martin-esque sound struck me. I was so glad they won--finally, awards about the music! Maybe one day they'll come here...

Lorelei said...

I wish I were there. *click*click*
I wish I were there. *click*click*
I wish I were there. *click*click*
wait a second.... Nope. Didn't work. I'm still in Idaho and still have no joy from the experience of the Swell Season. Dang. Next time, maybe God will call me to a mission in Ireland or the Czech Republic and they'll be throwing a little home-town concert/shindig that'll totally redeem my weekend of moving and not traveling with you:( Probably not. Killer photos though.