Saturday, May 31, 2008

if bubbles could roar

A few days ago I was having a conversation with Jim Stephens and he said something about the new bubble machine his daughter, Melissa, had gotten for her son, Jude. He said the bubbles come roaring out of the machine, "if bubbles can roar, I mean." Roaring bubbles. My imagination was captured. What would a bubble roar, if it was allowed to make an intelligible sound? Here's what I came up with. Thanks to Jim for coining the phrase in my presence.

If Bubbles Could Roar
by Joann Renee

Iridescent orb,
So buoyant and fragile—
Though short-lived,
You show up as we scrub
The floors, like Cinderella,
Momentarily harmonizing in our labor.
And during our storms
You are bold enough
To briefly grace our puddles.

We’ve packaged you
So you will surround our children
With your contagious optimism
In the face of staggering odds.
Please make our children strong,
We breathe into each soapy wand.

If bubbles could make a sound,
I think they would roar—
Telling us to go on
Though history has proven
We will fail and be forgotten.
Roar while you can.

Maybe that’s why so many of us
Find ourselves in tubs of defeat
At the death of another day—
Drawing courage
From your silent roar.


outoftheshadowlands said...

You rock, my beautiful poet friend. I'm glad that you made the bubbles roar for us all to hear. This poem and story will be recorded for Jude to learn about some day. Thanks!

Molly Polly said...

I only wish I had your creative mind!!! Brilliant, simply brilliant! Luv ya chickie :)

Jim Stephens said...

Joann Renee, that is very visualizable. And near profound, in a bubbly sort of way.

Stephanie Smith said...

you don't know me but you know my dad and sister. thanks so much for the great poem and thoughts. my son loves the roaring bubbles and this poem will be with him as he grows up. it will be with me as i grow up to. thanks so much.

Danny said...

Joanny Poo, I love you! Wish I could be around you more.

Oh, and you have a small typo. . . intelligle? How bout intelligible!

joann renee said...

Thanks for the heads up, Danny Fanny. Wish I was around you more too, but it's your turn to fly across the world. :)

Eric and Lindsay said...

I love your poetry. You should publish all your poems in a book. I would buy it.

So Brooke Fraser in three days?!?!

joshandkarlee said... always! I'm with the Parnell (whomever made the comment). As long as the book had some of your photography in it as well!