Wednesday, May 21, 2008

hold on

I'm not attached to the title, but I really like the rest of it. Feel free to drop alternate title options into my comments as you are so inspired...

Hold On
by Joann Renee

Everything changes
If I lay just so
Stomach pressed to sod
Arms pillowed under head
Facing westward
Eyes gently, but firmly closed

I feel the earth
Spinning faster, faster
The sun on my arms and back
Feels cooler, darker
As the tree’s shadow creeps amazingly
Fast, faster

Squeezing my eyes more tightly closed
And willing my stomach to become
One with the dirt it came from
The wind breathes hard on my face
As if the air is still, constant
While the world and I bash into it
Fast, fast, faster

Now I lay on the beach
Sand gripped in fists
So close to the ocean
I can feel the moon beckoning
The tide
Close, closer

And I am vulnerable
Tiny in these cosmic power struggles
Faster, closer
The dark is light again
Close, fast, always whirling
Faster, close, fast, fa—

Eyes burst open
A Frisbee flies overhead—
Someone catches it

It’s okay—
I breathe deeper
Release clumps of grass and dirt
Lift my head from between my arms
He caught it

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Bo said...

I always like what you write, Joann, but this one...brilliant. It may sound silly to say, but I could feel it as I read it and that's my favorite thing of all.