Tuesday, May 27, 2008

cascade life commission 2007/08

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of going on a photographic outing with this year's CLC group. It was nice to be behind the camera instead of in front as I was the past two years. It's rare to get a good group shot with 19 young adults and 3 leaders where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling normally. I was not fortunate enough to achieve such a feat. However, there was only one unfortunate facial expression in the following picture, which I was able to photoshop in the person's head from a different shot to achieve the impossible. Can you guess whose face I spliced in? (you can't guess if I already told you, that's cheating)

The first year's reaction to the few weeks remaining of the "no dating" rule:

These following three are my favorite from the day:

No, he's not Frodo.


Marie said...

Is it the guy in red? Or the girl in front of him in the brown sweater? Whoever it is, you did an awesome job! I would never have guessed you changed anything if you hadn't said so.

Lorelei said...

But he should be, in the new Broadway Musical; Frodo finds ANOTHER Ring!
I have no idea who you photoshopped in, you photoshop master, you.

Luke & Kristin said...

yeah I can't tell either.. and I'm completely impressed. I can never make my photoshop edits that seamless.. unless it is one of the faces that is still unfortunate.. I ruled them out because I figured you wouldn't replace one unfortunate face with another..
haha I made myself laugh really hard at that..
and people that don't know I'm kidding will think I am a total A-hole for that comment.
hehe.. still giggling..

Cassie said...

i love these pics.... you sure do have a gift friend!!!

oh and i know who you photoshoped in... and BRAVO!!! seamless!!! amazing!!!!!

oh and i still laugh at the dating comment... one of those dear 1st year students came up to me tonight at emerge and told me it was their first night "back on the market".... i told them good luck i have been on the market for 4 years!

Kristin said...

AH HA! I know who it is.. ok.. it's cause you told me..