Sunday, April 13, 2008


by Joann Renee

billions of us
spinning madly
held in place solely
by that mysterious force
like so many magnets
clinging to the refrigerator door
of the earth’s core
unlike our exoskeleton companions
we wear our largest organ exposed
even as I write this I can feel
my soft white skin
turning redder from the sun
shining so many millions of miles away
this morning I allowed gravity to press
a baby gently into my arms
and I saw how fragile I am
we all are
such beautifully soft vulnerability
all around me bustling
in sundresses and flip-flops
past my covered café table
where I both mask and bask
in my blissfully tiny existence


farmgirl beth said...

Bask away, but don't burn all up. We would miss you.

joshandkarlee said...

Love it! You're gorgeous! I too basked in the opportunity to get burnt during the 80-degree weekend. Mind if I come to Bend so that we can bask together?