Friday, April 04, 2008

the inaugural chicken

meet Gertrude.

My lovely mother made this rooster basket for me. Last week was her debut. I cooked up some brown 'n serve rolls and voila! Me and my roommates were more than slightly amused for quite some time.

In other news, last week I got a new windshield. Sometime this winter driving over the pass to visit family, a crack appeared & within a week had shot the entire way across my poor windshield. Here he is before the lovely gentleman at Hummingbird Auto replaced the windshield:


Marie said...

"Cluck! Cluck!"
I'm glad you're enjoying the chicken.

Molly Polly said...

Joann!!! I haven't seen you in a LOOOONGGGG time... even though you only live like, 2 minutes away from me. Lame. Miss you :)