Friday, April 25, 2008


Now that you've had your fun watching the videos I posted below, I have a somewhat more subdued poem below. It lends itself to being whispered aloud more than most of my poems:

by Joann Renee

There’s already too much sadness.
Close your eyes.
Smell the April snow.
Exhale—the earth is old,
The birds still sing. Now

Inhale—press forward.
It comes in waves:
I am who I am
The world is at it is
I will remain
It will keep turning

Each day that I age,
By awareness or loss,
The waves roll in a bit faster—
Less discernibility between each crash.
I notice more.

I will remain
Until the waves now
On top of each other
Drive me home.

It will keep turning
My heart stirs happy in opposites,
In conflicting emotions coupled—
In all that smacks poignant

Saturday, April 19, 2008

something to do on slow snowy saturdays in april

Snow makes me nastalgic. Perhaps that's why I found myself on youtube for the past two hours. Below you will find some of the gems of my search.

Let's begin with my earliest influences...
(please note the bolo tie)


of course, my older sisters influenced my musical interests...

and my older brother...
(this is my favorite video- note the fanny pack)

and finally, I discovered my musical destiny...

Sunday, April 13, 2008


by Joann Renee

billions of us
spinning madly
held in place solely
by that mysterious force
like so many magnets
clinging to the refrigerator door
of the earth’s core
unlike our exoskeleton companions
we wear our largest organ exposed
even as I write this I can feel
my soft white skin
turning redder from the sun
shining so many millions of miles away
this morning I allowed gravity to press
a baby gently into my arms
and I saw how fragile I am
we all are
such beautifully soft vulnerability
all around me bustling
in sundresses and flip-flops
past my covered café table
where I both mask and bask
in my blissfully tiny existence

Friday, April 11, 2008

adventures with beth & katie

And then on Sunday on my way back to Bend, I stopped in at the Twists again for a few hours. Beth wanted some pictures of her and Katie, so I gladly obliged. I only got one smile out of Katie, but it was fun none the less.

...and my favorite:

adventures with donny

After a day at the Twists, I went to the Shires. While driving to dinner, Donny & I had a photo shoot in the backseat. Tell me he's not the most adorable baby boy ever...

adventures with jack

Last weekend I made a trip to the Twists. Beth took Katie with her to the store and Matt was at work still, so Jack and I hung out for a while. We played a lot of Thomas the Train (I was Tobey. He's cool).

Jack didn't want a snack, but got very excited to eat ice.

Although it was definitely cold.

He's not actually picking his just kinda looks that way.

This is how much fun we had:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

april showers?

so I have some wonderful pictures from this past weekend visiting my sister's and their families, but there was a freak snow storm yesterday that trumps it (don't worry, I'll throw them in a post soon).

April 8th, I woke to a shocking 3+ inches of snow on the ground.
And it continued all the merry day. This weekend is calling for 72 degrees.
Central Oregon is glorious.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


That's right, folks. The former president of the United States visited little ol' Bend, OR last Monday. I am far from a Clinton fan (any of them), however, the opportunity to see a former president was something I felt I shouldn't pass up (plus, I knew the crazies would all come out - I was not disappointed). He was scheduled to speak at 5pm, so I lined up with Noel at 415 - very far from the front of the line.

Noel showing her patriotic side. It was incredibly cold (but the laughter kept me warm & fuzzy inside).

After standing outside for 45 minutes before the line began to move, and then another 40 minutes inching towards the doors, we finally made it inside. Jimmy had a few interesting encounters along the way. A man selling "Vote Hillary for President" T-shirts was very upset when Jimmy said, "Shouldn't the H be a B?" (The man responded in a scathingly accusational tone, "You sound like a Republican.") A little bit later, an older woman was bobbing about the front of the line telling us to have our bags & purses ready & open to be checked. I asked her a question and she responded that she didn't know, she wasn't official...just waiting for her family. She then got up in Jimmy's face & began to excitedly cheer, "Just vote for Hillary! Hillary's the best! We need a woman president! I mean, just think about it: all the greatest queens of England..." Yes. She did. I had to bite my tongue to keep from reminding her that all of the greatest presidents of America have been men - or that all of the worse queens of England were women, for that matter.

Jasper & Jimmy show their excitement on getting inside.

And here he is, the former Mr. President, Bill Clinton.

Friday, April 04, 2008

the inaugural chicken

meet Gertrude.

My lovely mother made this rooster basket for me. Last week was her debut. I cooked up some brown 'n serve rolls and voila! Me and my roommates were more than slightly amused for quite some time.

In other news, last week I got a new windshield. Sometime this winter driving over the pass to visit family, a crack appeared & within a week had shot the entire way across my poor windshield. Here he is before the lovely gentleman at Hummingbird Auto replaced the windshield:

Thursday, April 03, 2008

the halfway mark through another joann year

Sunday marked the start of "Joann is 25, part 2."

It was a lovely day beginning with church, ending with movie & pie night and stuffed with a birthday BBQ & lawn dart party for Jason, an adventure to the library with Lisa and a fabulous book club meeting (we just finished reading "What is the What" by Dave Eggers).