Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It's been awhile since I threw a poem on here.
Here's a new one:

by Joann Renee

Sunday after Sunday
heels and leggings matched
with a fashionable dress
I stare up at the ceiling,
watching lights swirl and dance,
and swish my skirt
around me remembering
a similar tugging emotion from
simpler Sundays

there’s a lit up window to the east
of outstretched arms
apparently anticipating an embrace
we comply, hands raised
aching for something
we stretch them higher
wrists crossing in the air
unified voices crying out
the same words
with different motives
varying angst
together we stand alone
unconscious of our neighbor
unaware of their closeted fears

Sunday after Sunday
polka-dotted tights clashing
with my hand-me-down dress
I stared up at those arms,
giant in my sky,
and cinched my own tightly
around me imagining
how it must feel to be
so wrapped


timmy said...
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timmy said...

My two favorite things about the poem--
1) The symmetry between the first and last verses, and
2) The last line (was the double meaning intended?)

Cassie said...


thanks for making my heart smile time after time!! you are amazing... and i'm blesssed to know you!!!

Lindsey said...

Joann you have a beautiful gift! such a poem of imagery!
blessings, Lindsey Diacogiannis <><

Lindsey said...

oh, one more thing... I LOVE the new picture you have as your background... :)