Friday, March 14, 2008

open house for katie twist

Last weekend in Junction City Whittaker's & Kjosness's galore gathered to meet, re-meet & baby talk with my two month old niece, Katie Twist. Here she is:

I brought Jack McQueen crocks - he wanted to drive them, not wear them.

My dopple-ganger & very fun cousin, Megan.

(I wrote about five caption drafts for this picture, but none seemed quite sufficient, so I'll let you make up your own:________________________________________________)

Jack's first time on a swing

...and his first time on a slide.

My favorite picture from the weekend

This park is right across the street from my parent's house

Timmy & Heather might kill me for posting this picture, but it so perfectly captures Timmy's personality...

My mom loves being a grandma


timmy said...

Why would I kill you? I LOVE my personality!

Marie said...

Thanks for the great pictures!

farmgirl beth said...