Sunday, March 09, 2008

call me fannabeth

I would just like to let the world know that I am about to finish my last Jane Austen novel. I read Emma & Pride and Prejudice in high school, Sense and Sensibility in college, Mansfield Park last spring, Northanger Abbey late this winter and I started Persuasion last week.

A few of my friends have a theory that a young woman of a certain age who finishes all six Austens will immediately be swept off her feet by her own personal Mr. Darcy (or Captain Wentworth, Edmund, Edward Ferras, etc.). This is of course debated by some of my other friends who have, years ago, finished the Austen six and are (as yet) still un-swept.

According to a few quizes I've taken, I'm either Fanny Price or Elizabeth Bennett. I'm not banking on my friend's theory (especially seeing it's very poor success rate) -- I really just like reading Jane. She's so witty.

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