Thursday, March 20, 2008

bowling with the pastors

Last Tuesday, the staff of Westside church (me included) turned off our computers and headed down to Sun Mountain Fun Center at noon for several hours of bowling bliss. We ate bowling alley pizza. Watched bowling alley music videos (mostly from the '80's). And we bowled until our fingers ached and our feet were thoroughly soaked (bowling shoes weren't really created with ventilation in mind).

For reasons unknown to me or Jennifer (my bowling buddy), the 9 1/2 shoe size says 8/9 on the back. If any of you math freaks out there (*ahem* Danny or Timmy) can figure that out, please let me know.

Pastor Ken, the lead pastor at Westside, is in the foreground. He's serious about his bowling.

I was part of the Jane Austen Bowling Gang (JABG). From left to right: Emma (Jeanie Myhre), Emliza (1/2 Emma, 1/2 Elizabeth Bennett -aka Jennifer), Fannabeth (1/2 Fanny Price, 1/2 Elizabeth Bennett -aka me), Penelope (Nancy) and Jane (Tony).

On my second game I broke 100. Those who went to high school with me know that this is a highly rare occassion. I dubbed myself the Zero Bandit back then.


Anonymous said...

I like you, a lot.


P.S. I thought about making this comment anonymous, but then I would have gotten a really long voice mail about this creepy blog comment you got and who you secretly suspect ;)

Eric and Lindsay said...

Yay bowling with the pastors!

Carissa said...

Yay for rad bowling shoes!!!

so good to meet you when i came to Bend in December!

blessings, Carissa